Monday, April 9, 2012

Hank Jr and Easter!

Hope everyone had a SPLENDID Easter weekend! I changed things up a little last week, and instead of working 2 doubles and an extra, I took ALL 5 of my scheduled off days to myself! I spent the majority of all that time in the gym or beside the pool, and it was AMA-ZING. I might just start doing that more often! 

Saturday we went to see .38 Special and Hank Jr. It was a hott mess, not that anyone would have expected less. I'll share pre-game pictures, but the "during" and "post game" pictures shall remain un-shared! HA!
 That little speck of toothpaste on the mirror KILLS me. I almost voided this picture because of it! 
 My sweet Tiffany! We went to high school and nursing school together! 

Then Sunday, my sister Jenna and I cooked Easter dinner for our little cousins Katelyn and Allie. Jenna and I LITERALLY slaved all day in the kitchen, but it was very worth it. The girls loved their Easter baskets and hunted Easter eggs with dollar bills in them. Grand Total: Big Sister $14, Little Sister $6. Hang in there Allie!!
 The girls at the Easter setting. They were both wearing mismatched socks, a sister thing I guess! :)
My sweet baby girls are growing up SO fast! Katelyn takes her driver's test today, AH! 

Headed back to work this afternoon, but that's okay, I'm off Friday night for a little late night lovin with LUKE BRYAN with my sister and brother in law! Can't wait to show him how this country girl shakes it! ;)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Guess who is bacckk!

OK! I know, I'm terrible! If there was an award for "Worst blogger ever, in the history of everdom" I would be the recipient! Between working full time, the gym 5 days a week and having a (semi) social life, I just can't find the time, but I'm working on it!

Soooo a few mini updates!

In my last blog I told you all that I was going shopping for a new firearm with my Daddy's help. EXT. REMELY. STRESS.FUL!! but very funny at the same time! 
Here are some of the highlights of that day:
"Why buy a gun, if you want personal protection, you should buy bug spray, it sprays like 100 feet" --- My wonderful, brilliant sister, Jenna!
(in response to Jenna) "Hell, if that's the case, I'll bring you some brake and engine cleaner, it sprays harder and farther than bug spray" -- My daddy.
.............................after convincing everyone that neither insect spray nor auto cleaner was going to satisfy my craving for a new pistol....TA-DA

For obvious privacy reasons, I can't share a picture of the actual firearm, but it's a baddd mamma-jamma. I wouldn't have it any other way!!

Nowwww, the health and fitness goal needs to be addressed. I've lost only approximately 10lbs but my clothes fit better and I feel better. I've been 2 full weeks without a soft drink...or sweet tea, and THAT is something because this southern belle NEVER goes without tea. I've been eating clean, proteins, fruits and vegetables. (With the occasional snuck carb! I can't help it, I LOVE BREAD!!!!) I do CRAVE a fountain pepsi, sweet tea of course, I crave sweets and fried foods of course but I'm doing pretty good all in all. It's been gradual (for several years now!) but I'm trying to make this my way of life.
Just a few progress pictures!! and a few NEW dresses a.k.a best. thing. ever. 
 ANNDDDD I treated myself to some new shoes!! A girl needs a little treat!!
Buttttt that's about it for now, I PROMISE I'm going to try and do better. Hope everyone is having a SPLENDID week!! 

Friday, February 10, 2012

I know, I blog like a herd of turtles.

Well between work, and the gym, and trying to have a (semi) social life, things have been pretty hectic. But it's Friday, the weather isn't all the great here in Tuscaloosa, my phone is dead (Finally.. that new phone WON'T go dead) and it's just me and the DVR. I JUST watched this weeks Revenge, and WOO, Now it's on to this weeks Teen Mom and then, drum rolll....Jersey Shore (don't hate!) 

I didn't post anything about last weekend this week, so I'll share now. We went to my dad's for a cousin's 40th birthday fish fry. The weather was pretty stinkin' awful. It literally POURED rain the entire time, and I had to work 7p-11p that night, but it was a good time anyway.

 The Sister and Me, lookin a mess. It was a day for a duck!

 Jenna and I with our grandmother (AKA Nanny) :)

Jenna ridin' her tricycle. She's a SPECIAL girl!!

In other news, I've lost 6 lbs! :) I've been hitting the gym 4 days a week. I'm hoping to step it up to 5 next week. But we'll see, cause I have every intention of spending Tuesday (Singles awareness day) moping ;) lol, kidding, kidding.
I stumbled upon this picture today while loading new ones, it was over the summer and i was about 10 lbs lighter. I'll leave you with that, as a little inspiration for me! 

Hoping everyone has a GREAT weekend! It's supposed to be cold here so STAY WARM! I'm buying my first pistol of my very own this weekend, my dad's going with me. When he's involved, it's hysterical, so look forward to a post about that soon! :)

Saturday, February 4, 2012


I was TAGGED in the "Blogger Game" (actually about 2 weeks ago, but I'm behind!) Thanks to Jenna for the tag! 

The Blogger Game
The Rules

1. You must post the rules

2. Post eleven fun facts about yourself on the blog post

3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and then create eleven new questions to ask the people you've tagged.

4. Tag eleven people and link to them on your post

Let me know you've tagged them!

11 Fun Facts:
(1) I may only be 23, but I'm completely convinced I CAN NOT get out of bed in the morning without coffee.

(2) I've recently re-dedicated (again) myself to eating right and going to the gym, It's going great. I'm going 4-5x a week, and it's really improved my energy and mood!

(3) I once lived in the Virgin Islands, on St. Thomas. For a week, it's a good story, kinda.

(4) My sister Jenna, is 2 years older than me, and she's my best friend.

(5) I am a single, independent girl. For some reason, when you say "single" to married people, they gasp. 

(6) I'm secretly in love with DJ Pauly D

(7) My mom passed away when I was 17, forever changing my life. I miss her terribly

(8) My sweet Daddy was the very best Dad/Mom he knew how to be, and he is my #2 best friend (second to Jenna of course! :)

(9) I'm taking applications for a racquetball/spin class partner

(10) I would propose marriage to Alabama football, if I could.

(11) I LOVE to cook. But I've been forced to take a break. The majority of things I cook are "southern", AKA "good" foods. As it turns out, they're not that good for you!

Her questions for me-

What is your favorite holiday?
I Love, Love, Love the 4th of July. Summer is my favorite season, and my birthday is the 5th of July! :)
Do prefer dogs or cats?
Dogs. Cats are moody and always seem like they're plotting something
What was your very first car?
It was a Jeep when I was 15. 
What is your favorite quote?
"Losing doesn't make me want to quit, it makes me want to fight that much harder" - Coach Paul "Bear" Bryant
What is your favorite color nail polish?
I LOVE pinks and Reds
What is your favorite snack food?
Popcorn, LOVE popcorn
Where would your dream vacation be?
Somewhere Tropical, NOT the USVI
Is the cup half full or half empty?
Half full-unless it's a cracked glass that day, HA!
Do you prefer Twitter or Facebook?
Facebook, but Twitter is growing on me!
Stilettos or tennis shoes?
Both, I LOVE shoes!
Who did you look up to as a kid?
My big sister of course!

I won't be tagging anyone else, it looks like almost everyone I follow has already participated, since I'm like 2 weeks behind!! But thanks again Jenna, for the tag!

I hope everyone has a GREAT weekend. It's the middle of my "ON" pattern at work, so I'll be hustling the 3-11 all weekend! Enjoy your Saturday!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Showing you MY life as a SINGLE girl! :)

I'm linking up today with! (I know I'm late, I just got off work!) She has the most precious idea for "Show us your life" Today, it's featuring singles! So excited to be able to link up with something :)

I'm Jessica, I'm 23 years old, and I live in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. The home of 14! National Championships! :) Roll Tide Roll. I'm a Registered Nurse, I work 8 days on, followed by 6 days off. Nursing is my first true love, and will remain my only true love, until the Lord sends my true love along! :) 

 Being single has really taught me a lot about myself. It is time I have definitely cherished. You can never let someone else truly love you, until you truly love yourself. Getting to know me, has been a real experience :) Being single has also given me the perfect opportunity to have GREAT, lasting friendships. 

A little more about me: I am very passionate about Alabama football! Roll Tide! I'm really a lover of all things, there are few things that I despise (besides Auburn, of course!) :) My sister and Dad are the 2 biggest influences in my life at this point, I have a great relationship with both of them! I just so happen to be the best of both worlds :) I love to get dressed up and wear high heels, but second to that I love cowboy boots and jeans :) I love the beach, laying out by the pool on long summer days, I like to cook, I sing in the shower and most of my jokes are pretty corny! That's about it I guess! If you have any questions follow me, comment on my blog or send me an email!

Last, but not least, I would like to thank Kelly for the opportunity to do this. What a GREAT idea you have, and I am so glad my sister  Jenna introduced me to your blog, it's precious!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Just another day in the life...
*It's that time of year again...we're getting senior precepting students at work, senior RN students are starting their final semesters and getting ready to venture into the "real" world. So, I'm dedicating tonight's post to NEW NURSES! :) Just a few tips and tricks, with some words of insipiration in the mix! (and a little humor of course)

1. Being a nurse is one of the most amazing, fulfilling careers there is (in my opinion at least) but don't go into it with huge expectations, expectations lead to let downs in any situation, even nursing. Let it be what it is, give it some time, let it become your second nature, don't force it! 

2. All of your friends will officially assume you're a medical genius and you can diagnose their every sneeze, cramp or other medical anomaly. Just go with it.

3. Train yourself to have the bladder capacity of 5 grown men. bathroom breaks are not a guarantee! 

4. Ask questions! I've worked Med-Surg/PCU for 3 years and PRN'd in PACU for a year, and if there's something I don't know, I never hesitate, I ASK! It's better to be safe than sorry!

5. This is not Grey's Anatomy, House or Rescue 911. Snap back to reality and get to work!

6. Get to know your co-workers. You'll be spending a LOT of time with them and you'll need them to have your back! I have some AMAZING sister nurses and brother nurses, too. They're part of my family for sure!

7. You'll be the only person at the dinner table NOT allowed to talk about your day. People who are not nurses typically DO NOT like to hear about nurse stuff. Ask my sister, if i say catheter, she gags.

8. Buy GOOD shoes. You'll learn quickly it doesn't make a hill of beans what they look like. 

9. Wash your hands. Constantly. Wash your hands before you wash your hands, and then wash them again. 

10. LOVE your patients. It's the only way to get out alive! 
"It's not how much you do, it's how much you love you put in the doing" -Mother Theresa

GOOD LUCK new nurses! Hang in there! The best advice I ever got as a new nurse was "Give it a year"! Share with me on your "new nurse" blogs! I'd love to read all about it!!

                                   Me being pinned!

                             The day I graduated nursing school with my 2 loves!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

*Even though I think a blog is about as useful as a trap door in a canoe, I'm giving it a shot! My sister, Jenna, is a blogger, follow her, her life is semi-interesting. ;)

*I'll use my first post as an introductory page, for those of you who don't know me on a first name basis. I'm Jessica, I'm a southern girl, don't let the lipstick and hairspray fool you. But, hey, The higher the hair= the closer to the Lord. ;) Alabama football is my life passion, #14 BABY! ROLL TIDE ROLL! I'm an RN, nursing was and is still my first love, at least until my first TRUE love comes along :) My 2nd dream job would have been to be an outlaw country girlfriend, sitting around all day in Hank's old button down and cowboy boots, drinkin' whiskey, while he picked the guitar. HA! :) I LOVE country music, old and new. Eric Church is my MAN! :)

*I, unlike most of you bloggers, am NOT married! I'm doin' the single girl thing right now, on my own, and I LOVE it! I'm also currently on a journey to lose weight, get fit and be healthy,the goal is 60 pounds. So this is a good way to keep up with that! 

*I need some tips on blogging, as I'm new and very LOST!

**My previously mentioned sister, Jenna, is my BEST friend and HERO! :)

*** WARNING: Things get a little COUNTRY around here! ;)***

***Soooo, help me get involved with this blog business!! Follow me, things in my life are comical, occasionally! :)  XoXo Roll Tide!