Monday, April 9, 2012

Hank Jr and Easter!

Hope everyone had a SPLENDID Easter weekend! I changed things up a little last week, and instead of working 2 doubles and an extra, I took ALL 5 of my scheduled off days to myself! I spent the majority of all that time in the gym or beside the pool, and it was AMA-ZING. I might just start doing that more often! 

Saturday we went to see .38 Special and Hank Jr. It was a hott mess, not that anyone would have expected less. I'll share pre-game pictures, but the "during" and "post game" pictures shall remain un-shared! HA!
 That little speck of toothpaste on the mirror KILLS me. I almost voided this picture because of it! 
 My sweet Tiffany! We went to high school and nursing school together! 

Then Sunday, my sister Jenna and I cooked Easter dinner for our little cousins Katelyn and Allie. Jenna and I LITERALLY slaved all day in the kitchen, but it was very worth it. The girls loved their Easter baskets and hunted Easter eggs with dollar bills in them. Grand Total: Big Sister $14, Little Sister $6. Hang in there Allie!!
 The girls at the Easter setting. They were both wearing mismatched socks, a sister thing I guess! :)
My sweet baby girls are growing up SO fast! Katelyn takes her driver's test today, AH! 

Headed back to work this afternoon, but that's okay, I'm off Friday night for a little late night lovin with LUKE BRYAN with my sister and brother in law! Can't wait to show him how this country girl shakes it! ;)

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