Friday, February 3, 2012

Showing you MY life as a SINGLE girl! :)

I'm linking up today with! (I know I'm late, I just got off work!) She has the most precious idea for "Show us your life" Today, it's featuring singles! So excited to be able to link up with something :)

I'm Jessica, I'm 23 years old, and I live in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. The home of 14! National Championships! :) Roll Tide Roll. I'm a Registered Nurse, I work 8 days on, followed by 6 days off. Nursing is my first true love, and will remain my only true love, until the Lord sends my true love along! :) 

 Being single has really taught me a lot about myself. It is time I have definitely cherished. You can never let someone else truly love you, until you truly love yourself. Getting to know me, has been a real experience :) Being single has also given me the perfect opportunity to have GREAT, lasting friendships. 

A little more about me: I am very passionate about Alabama football! Roll Tide! I'm really a lover of all things, there are few things that I despise (besides Auburn, of course!) :) My sister and Dad are the 2 biggest influences in my life at this point, I have a great relationship with both of them! I just so happen to be the best of both worlds :) I love to get dressed up and wear high heels, but second to that I love cowboy boots and jeans :) I love the beach, laying out by the pool on long summer days, I like to cook, I sing in the shower and most of my jokes are pretty corny! That's about it I guess! If you have any questions follow me, comment on my blog or send me an email!

Last, but not least, I would like to thank Kelly for the opportunity to do this. What a GREAT idea you have, and I am so glad my sister  Jenna introduced me to your blog, it's precious!

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