Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Guess who is bacckk!

OK! I know, I'm terrible! If there was an award for "Worst blogger ever, in the history of everdom" I would be the recipient! Between working full time, the gym 5 days a week and having a (semi) social life, I just can't find the time, but I'm working on it!

Soooo a few mini updates!

In my last blog I told you all that I was going shopping for a new firearm with my Daddy's help. EXT. REMELY. STRESS.FUL!! but very funny at the same time! 
Here are some of the highlights of that day:
"Why buy a gun, if you want personal protection, you should buy bug spray, it sprays like 100 feet" --- My wonderful, brilliant sister, Jenna!
(in response to Jenna) "Hell, if that's the case, I'll bring you some brake and engine cleaner, it sprays harder and farther than bug spray" -- My daddy.
.............................after convincing everyone that neither insect spray nor auto cleaner was going to satisfy my craving for a new pistol....TA-DA

For obvious privacy reasons, I can't share a picture of the actual firearm, but it's a baddd mamma-jamma. I wouldn't have it any other way!!

Nowwww, the health and fitness goal needs to be addressed. I've lost only approximately 10lbs but my clothes fit better and I feel better. I've been 2 full weeks without a soft drink...or sweet tea, and THAT is something because this southern belle NEVER goes without tea. I've been eating clean, proteins, fruits and vegetables. (With the occasional snuck carb! I can't help it, I LOVE BREAD!!!!) I do CRAVE a fountain pepsi, sweet tea of course, I crave sweets and fried foods of course but I'm doing pretty good all in all. It's been gradual (for several years now!) but I'm trying to make this my way of life.
Just a few progress pictures!! and a few NEW dresses a.k.a best. thing. ever. 
 ANNDDDD I treated myself to some new shoes!! A girl needs a little treat!!
Buttttt that's about it for now, I PROMISE I'm going to try and do better. Hope everyone is having a SPLENDID week!!