Thursday, January 26, 2012

Just another day in the life...
*It's that time of year again...we're getting senior precepting students at work, senior RN students are starting their final semesters and getting ready to venture into the "real" world. So, I'm dedicating tonight's post to NEW NURSES! :) Just a few tips and tricks, with some words of insipiration in the mix! (and a little humor of course)

1. Being a nurse is one of the most amazing, fulfilling careers there is (in my opinion at least) but don't go into it with huge expectations, expectations lead to let downs in any situation, even nursing. Let it be what it is, give it some time, let it become your second nature, don't force it! 

2. All of your friends will officially assume you're a medical genius and you can diagnose their every sneeze, cramp or other medical anomaly. Just go with it.

3. Train yourself to have the bladder capacity of 5 grown men. bathroom breaks are not a guarantee! 

4. Ask questions! I've worked Med-Surg/PCU for 3 years and PRN'd in PACU for a year, and if there's something I don't know, I never hesitate, I ASK! It's better to be safe than sorry!

5. This is not Grey's Anatomy, House or Rescue 911. Snap back to reality and get to work!

6. Get to know your co-workers. You'll be spending a LOT of time with them and you'll need them to have your back! I have some AMAZING sister nurses and brother nurses, too. They're part of my family for sure!

7. You'll be the only person at the dinner table NOT allowed to talk about your day. People who are not nurses typically DO NOT like to hear about nurse stuff. Ask my sister, if i say catheter, she gags.

8. Buy GOOD shoes. You'll learn quickly it doesn't make a hill of beans what they look like. 

9. Wash your hands. Constantly. Wash your hands before you wash your hands, and then wash them again. 

10. LOVE your patients. It's the only way to get out alive! 
"It's not how much you do, it's how much you love you put in the doing" -Mother Theresa

GOOD LUCK new nurses! Hang in there! The best advice I ever got as a new nurse was "Give it a year"! Share with me on your "new nurse" blogs! I'd love to read all about it!!

                                   Me being pinned!

                             The day I graduated nursing school with my 2 loves!

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  1. Why can't Katelyn and Allie be this small and innocent again?! Wahhhhh!

    Your the BEST nurse EVER SO very proud of you!